Dispute Resolution

Disputes are costly, complex in nature and distract from what you do best: growing as a business. Whilst conflicts are all too often common in business, they should not be allowed to drain on your finances, and take away from your time and energy.

At 1Up Communications we work with you to identify key brand-related issues at an early stage, knowing the right questions to ask and steps to be taken to ensure timely advice is given to assist you in being prepared and achieving the upper hand. All too often disputes arise from miscommunication or emotion-driven behaviours. We bypass the noise, so that we can focus on achieving a resolution, rather than inflaming the dispute. Our team of expert negotiators frequently help with alternative dispute resolution, to resolve your issues and recognise the actual issues at play.

Labour & Industrial Resolution

Traditionally, employees have been an overlooked area in the public relations (PR) discipline. Today, employees are seen quite rightly as an organisation’s most important asset, serving critical functions as brand ambassadors and in maintaining strong operations. As such, internal communication can often hold just as much importance as external communication.

1Up Communications is experienced in driving positive employee engagement, as well as in managing those issues or potential crises that may arise. This includes executive changes, workforce reductions, criminal activity in a workplace, labour and management issues and employee dismissals.

We have expertise in:

  • Internal communication audits
  • Labour and industrial resolution
  • Communication and engagement during transactions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Communication and engagement throughout litigation and investigation periods
  • Employee value proposition, talent retention and acquisition
  • Sponsorships driven by employees
  • Social engagement with content creation and amplification
  • Culture and behaviour change planning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Driving employee ambassador activation programs
  • Celebrating major milestones and/or anniversaries

Business Continuity

Our team of expert Counsels bring a wealth of experience; having successfully worked with clients across government, private and public corporations, privately-owned businesses and high-net worth individuals.

We understand the need for your organisation to maintain business continuity; we provide business continuity planning for areas relating to issues impacting on your brand, to mitigate risks associated with disruption to your operations. For matters requiring legal protection or executing an agreement, we know leading lawyers who will offer advice direct to you through their practice. We often work with the same lawyers in tandem to manage the ‘court of public opinion’ for crisis matters.

Planning, prevention and preparation are key measures taken as part of any business continuity process. Understanding internal and external environmental threats to the business and its brand are key, this includes effectively managing the human capital and examining the resilience of suppliers or partners.

Organisational Restructuring

In an age of constant change, organisational restructuring is a necessary activity to position a company for long term growth and to protect against decline caused by technology, competition and changing consumer interests. By nature, corporate restructuring is a highly sensitive issue for both those employees who may become jobless and those who remain. It is for this reason, 1Up Communications are experts in ensuring your organisation’s restructure is handled with delicacy.

We have expertise in:

  • Keeping employees front and centre with internal communications
  • Avoiding pitfalls in restructures
  • Collaboration between human resources and internal communications teams
  • Executive briefings with various stakeholders and ensuring leaders are seen and heard
  • Establishing timelines for employees

Governance & Proxies

1Up Communications understand the intricacies of corporate governance issues and how they are interpreted by investors. Similarly, we have experience in engaging with proxy advisory groups and governance professionals. When necessary, we have professionals available to be briefed on providing expert counsel for boards and other senior executives. Collaboratively, we create a process for communicating with shareholders throughout the year on issues important to them, such as evaluating company, management and board performance.

We have expertise in:

Product Recalls & Product Introduction

A major product recall can have significant implications on the brand if not managed appropriately. Specifically, the bad press a business receives alone can take away the momentum from your company or worse yet, destroy your strong brand by negative association. Conversely, the timing, messaging and overall strategy used before reintroducing a product is also critically important if it is to be successful.

We have expertise in:

Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions

1Up Communications advises clients in Australia, the United States of America and Canada, in conjunction with legal and financial advisors, on matters related to equity and debt transactions. The advisory and support services are not limited to the announcement day, it continues throughout the integration process to keep stakeholders aware of the key benefits of the transaction and the milestones that follow.

We have expertise in:

We also work alongside risk experts who can provide external assistance in:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Security management
  • Document management
  • Change management
  • Audit management
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  • Communications Systems