1Up Communications offers training across the marketing and public relations disciplines to organisational staff across all levels, from frontline staff through to senior leadership, executives and boards.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most comprehensive and affordable training offerings in the corporate marketplace. Our programs are ideal for staff, managers and senior executives/boards seeking to rapidly grow their competencies and capabilities, and to build their business advantage.

The Opportunity:

We help you achieve the best out of your people and address any performance or skills gaps, regardless of the level of proficiency participants have when entering the training.  Our courses help to improve teamwork, grow higher productivity and reduce costs – our focus is on ensuring your training achieves clarity, focus, motivation and results!

The capability that our people hold – having delivered solutions to business over many years – is second to none.

Benefits of Our Bespoke & Off-The-Shelf Programmes:

  • Cost effective learning for 5 or more people.
  • Tailored course content to reflect your business sector.
  • Activity and theory based training.
  • Flexible delivery methods to suit the availability of your team.
  • Taught by quality assured, subject matter experts.
  • All workshops include options for electronic handouts, real case studies and/or scenario role play.
  • Three levels of learning options: Introductory, Proficient or Advanced.

Where & When is Training Available?

We deliver training at your office location or we organise a training venue on your behalf (whatever suits you and your team best).  Our available locations in delivering in-person training include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

We are available year-round for all your marketing and public relations training needs.

Our team are regularly speaking at industry events, selected events that are open to the public are listed below. Alternatively, to discuss how our customised training can help your organisation, contact us today.