Is your business seeking executive level strategic marketing talent? Have you experienced a number of growth-limiting challenges that need to be solved now?

Solution: Presenting our fully flexible, scalable and affordable solution to your client needs. We give clients of every size and industry, access to senior level marketing consultants with expertise and insights of executive level marketing talent on an ‘as needs’ basis.

At 1Up Communications, our consultants know that:

  1. Not all businesses are in a position to have a Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
  2. Some businesses might simply be in an in-between phase whilst recruiting for a replacement CMO but need that talent and leadership now.
  3. Not all clients have the workload or budget to engage the calibre of a C-suite level marketing practitioner full-time.
  4. Marketing teams might be good at implementing the day-to-day marketing plans, however lacking in time or experience to plan the overall higher-level marketing strategy.

Our experienced team provides you with part-time or fractional marketing executives that are well equipped to provide you with capacity at a fraction of the usual price of a permanent full-time Marketing Director or CMO. The benefits of this type of service, include:

  • Always accessible: No hiring delays, we hit the ground running straight away.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You only engage us for the amount of service that you need. We will scale the experience and resources that you need to match your requirements.
  • Knowledge-leading: We are always sharpening our skills sets – no easy feat in this digital age.
  • Supported: Each CMO has access to a team of CMOs supporting them, reducing risks to availability and always ensuring we have expertise across all areas and challenges.

Our Process


Process 1

We Are Client-Centric, We Listen & We Challenge: We obtain from clients a comprehensive briefing in our initial consultation(s), to understand exactly the destination sought, even when the client may not have thought about this. We evaluate the client’s current activities through our Brand Counsel Audit Process. In this, we highlight any gaps in a client’s current strategy, objectives and outcomes.


Process 2

We Are Action-Oriented & Objective: We discuss our findings from the audit with clients and present solutions based on each client’s budget. The difference with us is, we make things happen and we are not afraid to get in the trenches to achieve the toughest of objectives. We deliver a tailored strategy for you that when executed, will do it smarter and leaner than your competitors.


Process 3

We Are Solution-Oriented, Agile & Dynamic: A production deadline document is submitted outlining workflow and approval requirements. Also detailed, are any contributions that the client may wish to make and the deadlines for those. In collaboration, we implement and execute the strategy by your side. In partnering with us, we can either run projects or guide your existing in-house team by enhancing capability. In doing so, we identify potential that has not yet been realised.


Process 4

We Are Results-Oriented & Number Crunch: Ongoing results are measured against key performance indicators (KPIs) and where necessary, we evolve and fine tune. Being commercial ourselves, we understand the need for business financials to be paramount; accordingly, we work with clients on ways to improve revenue and profits.

Our Difference

Old Method

  • Bill clients by the hour and use timesheets

  • Push anything forward that can be billable

  • Marketing, public relations and advertising operate separately and competitively

  • Operate with bias objective towards marketing

  • Culture is consultant knows best

  • Value is something expressed in a statement only

  • Keep the client happy simply by agreeing

  • Recruit many full-time consultants to do bulk of work serving clients

  • Impressive city office space and fitouts

  • Operational-related issues are not relevant to the consultant

  • Focus on need for diversity of gender

  • Revenue growth first and foremost

1Up Method

  • No timesheets as we know how to project manage

  • Determine first whether a solution is valuable to the customer (achieving ROI)

  • Provide leading integrated marketing communications (IMC) solutions

  • Offer multi-disciplinary practitioner solutions

  • Client-centric from start to finish by understanding client goals, and working together to develop viable evidence-based solutions

  • Value by actions with senior practitioners working with you from strategy to implementation

  • We are not afraid to challenge the client if we believe an idea is off track; similarly, we are not afraid to be challenged

  • Flexible work practices which match supply and demand

  • We meet where it suits clients best with no CBD office space retained

  • We are action-oriented, unafraid to ‘make things happen’, developing solutions and getting in the trenches when needed

  • Our focus is on diversity of thought

  • Outcomes for clients and exceeding expectations