Integrated marketing communications (IMC) draws together all current and future communications and messaging of your company, ensuring consistency and linkage. When put into practice, IMC provides you with a significant competitive advantage through integration with one-to-one communication and talking in unison (away from fragmented communication). This in turn boosts sales and profits, whilst saving money, time and stress.

At 1Up Communications, we are the leading experts of achieving synthesis through IMC; we focus on the multiple audiences, products and services through various channels, ensuring alignment of symbols, messages, procedures and behaviours of your customers.

We hold significant expertise in successfully taking businesses through the various stages and strategies of the IMC journey. They include:

Stage 1: Tactical coordination of marketing communication – bundling all promotional mix elements together (i.e. advertising, direct response, PR, sales promotion and special events) and speaking with one voice (one-sight, one-sound). [inside out approach]

Stage 2: Redefining the scope of marketing communications – considering all communication from the viewpoint of the customer, with examination of any and all contact/entry points between the customer and the organisation. [outside in approach]

Stage 3: Application of Information Technology – using data obtained through IT to analyse the impact (over time) of the integrated internal and external communications programs.

Stage 4: Financial and strategic integration – adopting financial measures to the marketing, based on return-on-customer investment (top level integration). It is a movement from the skills and data to the longer term strategic planning, utilising customer information and insights.

With few companies making it to Stage 2, and even fewer companies to Stages 3 and 4, we know that effectively executing IMC across all four stages is what makes many companies great and hugely successful.

At 1Up Communications, we equip our customers to overcome all IMC barriers to ensure our clients capitalise on the significant financial and reputational advantages to be had through following the process.