Growing & Protecting our clients’ interests are at the core of what we do.

Following is a selection of matters our experts have been involved with:

  • Running local and national property development campaigns and expansion strategies.

  • Achieving record multi-million dollar sales profits for vacant property sites, development sites under construction and/or already developed sites.

  • Managing 65+ franchise based stores in a national franchise group, with the complexities and growth requirements that arise.

  • Expanding numerous franchise retail and hospitality groups, through leading marketing strategies.

  • Managing the Department of Defence base security improvements program – for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

  • Strategic involvement in the RAAF Amberley Stage 3 Redevelopment for the Air Force.

  • Involvement around various Royal Australian Navy projects, as well as Tahses special projects.

  • Managing marketing and business development work for a well-established law firm group, with many locations throughout South-East Queensland, resulting in a significant increase in revenue and a new brand identity.

  • Managing fallout from allegations of professional negligence against a worldwide organisation.

  • Resolving a dispute between accounting firms based in far North Queensland.

  • Representing a client in international pay television matters, including disputes.

  • Serving a CEO of a financial services organisation with $25bn funds under management.

  • Acting for a company owned by one of Australia’s billionaire property developers concerning a dispute with a publicly listed provider of childcare centres (now deregistered).

  • Working with franchisors to resolve franchise disputes, avoiding significant reputational harm.

  • Advising company directors in circumstances where there is purported insolvency being alleged.

  • Acting for a US company owned by a US billionaire and which had – prior to the engagement of our expert – advanced significant start-up capital to a local entrepreneur pursuant to certain terms – which the local entrepreneur unwisely breached.

  • Advising a company director based in Melbourne, in a situation where his fellow director was an ex-General of a foreign army who had disappeared without a trace.

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